Monday, May 14, 2018

I Want To Visit Your Town/State

The Cowboy and I are planning a new adventure
We are 
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After a few short trips around our state.  We are leaving Texas behind.  But where to next?

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East coast?  West Coast? Or points in between? We are looking for great out of the way places to visit. And great must to travel spots.  

And we need your help.  We want to visit your state/town.  And 
I bet there might be others that are thinking of summer travels. 

Where do you call
This summer something big will be going on here at the blog!
One big 'ole party 
I am inviting you to write a post about your home town or state.  The attractions to visit.  The food stops and fun stops. 

It's o.k.  to repost previously written posts or just send me the link. 

Each post will be reposted here at My Journey Back during 
June and July.  

Your blog will be listed on the side bar with a link back to your blog.  

And once we are closer to getting on the road your posts 
will appear on our travel blog!

I'll start a new pinterest board.  Tweet and share too.  

                              Help us plan our travels!

Plan your post
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Help us plan our travels

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