Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Supper-Now-Family Supper

Welcome thank you for joining me today.  I have really enjoyed writing my feature 
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This week I am making a little change.  I have enjoyed the topic of Sunday Supper but lately I have kind of run out of things to say. 
I know seriously?
The Cowboy would argue that one!
And actually he would be correct.  I just have been struggling with more on the theme Sunday Supper and so with that said.
To the new and improved Sunday feature
Family Supper
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Because really it's all about Family right? Whether it is Sunday. 
Or Monday. Or any other day of the week.  It's all about sitting down at the table and enjoying each others company over a great meal! 
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Family suppers are a little different now a days.  I doubt most of 
us have cloth table cloths and napkins.  Not to mention dad wearing a suit to dinner.  
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Family Supper.  It's about Family!  Maybe your family is like 
mine now.  It's just two of us.  We enjoy our dinners together. 
Mainly because The Cowboy and I love food!
Sometimes the Cowboy gets on a healthy kick and eats lots of veggies.   He added the celery to his plate!

An easy meal of loaded Potato Soup and Chicken Pot Pie
One of our favorite meals.  A Seafood Boil.  Followed by 
Seafood Chowder a few days later. 

Or weeks later if we put the leftovers in the freezer!
Whether it's a simple bowl of beans made special served in my daddy's chili bowl.  Or a big 'ole seafood boil.  We love 
to spend our supper time together!  

So what is on your Super plate?
I hope you'll come back next Sunday 
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Corn For Supper
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