Monday, May 7, 2018

Good Morning Sharing A Little This/That

It's a beautiful spring day.  I have the day off.  Yea for me. 
Sharing a little this and that and what I am doing/thinking.
Elephant edging has got to be the most unique pattern of edging of all. This pattern will be perfect for the border of any baby cover but can be also used as a decorative motif in children’s wardrobe. Elephant Edging Border – Video Tutorial and pattern #freecrochetpattern #freecrochet #crochet3 #easycrochet #patterncrochet #crochettricks #crochetitems #crocheton #thingstocrochet
How stinking cute is this!  I am going to Hobby Lobby for grey 
yarn!  And I am starting my first Christmas present.  I sure hope 
I figure out the pattern.
This little piggy...from Corid 

I am planning a Pig tea party.  Because I found the cutest napkins.
And I already have Pig Cookie Jar and Pitcher.   All I need is cups. 
Stay tuned

The Saturday #TexasWedding went off w/o a Hitch
I loved this one from the very end as they are leaving.  See the smiles?
More smiles

The most special guest.  He came over for the ceremony from the barn where she works.  She had all her boys together. 
A goofy one.
Our goofy guy will be here soon for a few days till they come back from honeymoon.

Maybe he'll help me get my sewing/craft room back in order. 
The mantel and my computer table are gone.  This is what the 
room looks like now.
This is my sewing/painting table.  My computer table is an antique library table.  It was sitting in this nook in front of the window before.  The mantle was on the long wall. 

Here's the mantle now

Well actually I think its in the garage.  This was taken setting up on 
Friday afternoon.  She was late to the rehearsal dinner because
She ruined her nails moving hay bales.  Put on gloves for the last few but the damage was done! I didn't like first color anyway glad she changed it! 
  I have lots more pics to share of the big day!
Back to the sewing room
So since the mantle is out of the room and the computer table  is gone I am thinking of moving things around to make the space more workable.  

I would really like another work table so I can separate my sewing and paper crafting work spaces.  Right now I use the same table for 
both so that means all fabric and supplies is put away when I paint. 
A bit of a hassle and it cause me to not really get as much done as I want.  

So that's my Big Plans for the day. 
What are you doing today?
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