Saturday, May 26, 2018

Critter Saturday-A Special Guest

A few weeks ago we had a special wedding with a special guest.
Sharing a few precious moments today 
 He even nickered agreement when the vows were said.  He doesn't live here where the wedding was.  One of her students brought him from where he lives now at the barn where she teaches lessons.
 A precious moment

Of course a shot of a few of the girls from the barn and theirs boots
Look they even have on dresses!

A precious moment saying Good Bye for a week!
One last shot.  The professional photographer wasn't able to stay for the entire evening.  His daughter took over.  
She did an amazing job too!

It was a day full of sweet and precious moments!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our special guest Cowboy.
Yes his name is Cowboy!

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