Friday, January 1, 2016

Quilt An Hour #8

We're over half through the series of 12 quilts!  Did you see the previous posts that began at 1:00 a.m?  

Yes.  I am a little crazy!  I've been posting every hour.  If your a follower and get email alerts your inbox was probably pretty full  
this morning!   

Since this is #8 that means it's 8:00 so may I wish you a very, very
Good Morning! Ready to see quilt #8?  

Since it's breakfast time thought I'd include my favorite Chickens!

Well actually here's #8, 9, 10,11  I couldn't choose just one!
Oh my, these cute chickens made me laugh out loud!  A Cuppa Tea With Me: fairy garden:
I mentioned in an early post I love applique.  I just love these darlin' little hens running around squacking!

Bee In My Bonnet: Farm Girl Friday - Week 13!!!:
The above quilt is from Lori Holt.  You can click the source to visit
her blog.  It includes links to purchase her patterns. 

On the list again...Country Threads :: Chicken Quilt Patterns :: Chicken Gumbo Quilt Pattern:
This quilt is from Country Threads.  The source link didn't work. 
Country Threads Shop located in Garner, Iowa was my favorite quilt shop.  It's closed now.  I am sure patterns are still available at other shops.  

And last this adorable little Chick . . . 
GALLINA COCINERA  This is just so cute! I love it. Plan on making one.cj:

This sweet little chick was found on Pinterest but there wasn't a link.

             Could you choose just one? 

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