Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather . . .
60 and beautifully sunny!

Right Now I Am . . .
Grateful I get to stay home.  At least for today.  

Thinking . . . 
I'm grateful and Praising God that I'm not working full-time anymore.  I'm working for a Nanny agency.  I'm able to get enough temporary work at the local country club and churches to give us that little extra we need.

Looking Forward to . . . 
Getting my life and my house in order.  
Want to begin a healthier lifestyle including exercise and dog walking.  Hopefully riding my bike!

On My Reading Pile. . . 
Image result for blue ribbon ride miralee ferrell
Fun little young adult book I'm reading to review.  The publisher sent the entire set.  My grandson will love these!

On My T.V.
Our DVR is busy recording Oak Island, Food Porn, Chopped, Worst Cooks

Things That Make Me Happy. . . 
Being a wife again (not working full time)

On The Menu This Week:
Monday--Leftover Roast etc, Yellow Squash Casserole, Green Beans
Tuesday-- Crock Pot Ham and Beans
Wednesday-- Quiche
Thursday--Venison Sausage and ?
Friday--Maybe we can find a good steak at the store

On My Todo List:
1. Finish putting away the Christmas (There are a few Santa's hanging around refusing to go into their boxes.  Maybe I need to add a Woody and Buzz Lightyear to keep them safe!)
2. Reorganzing house.  I have to move the furniture alot to get trees in.  Already moved the couch but the computer goes back into living room and a few other things.  All the books need to be put back on shelves.
3.Work on my Art/Scripture Journal

What I Am Creating. . . 
Need to finish the afghan I started for my daughter for Christmas. 
I got bogged down and put it away.  Maybe I can finish for 
Valentines Day.  It is Pink and Sparkly it'll work for Valentines.

Looking Around The House. . .
It actually looks like a bomb went off.  But I did vacum yesterday. 
I can't wait for my life to be normal again!  It starts today!

From My Camera. . . 

Fabulous old house in Waxahacie, Texas.  I took this last year on my birthday.  It's in the little town just by Dallas where we bought my mantle. 

On My Prayer List . . .
Your prayers.

Bible Verse, Devotional or Quote . . .

To a Happy New Day and New Beggining.  May yours be Blessed!

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