Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Letter B-Back

Back. . . yes!!!! I am Back . . .

Perfect word I think for Letter B

I love taking photo's when they are walking away . . . Their Backs

One of my favorites of his Back.  I used it for a Wordfilled
Wednesday post.  (illustrated scripture) . . .

Going into school for his Christmas Party.  
Their Backs.  Pa and Zane.
I took lots that day!
His Back.  His hands in his pockets cracked me up!
 I love his Back

A sweet rare moment
Father and Daughter
Beautiful Backs
Thanks Jenny for Alphabet Thursday
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Happy Trails
Love this. Embarrassed myself last weekend by having to think about it though...."All King Edwards's Horses..."
 I couldn't resist this one is fitting.
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