Friday, January 1, 2016

Quilt An Hour 2

       Welcome to Hour #2 of  My Quilt and Hour 'Lock in'
     Sharing with you 'some' of the over 1,000 pins of quilts.
(these posts are scheduled.  Once they go live I'll add the links)
Click here to read the introduction and see the Hour #1 quilt
           All quilts are chosen in a random order

And so on with Hour #2
                             Beautiful simplicity among the slew of usual Christmas tackiness:
Another inspiration piece.  On my list this year is to make a collection of Christmas Tree themed quilts. 

I love the simple'ness' and simplicity of this quilt. The source link didn't take me to the quilt in the photo.  But there are some fun Christmas cards on the site.  Actually it may not even be a quilt.  

Even though, I love it.  It's perfect for my plans.  I love the 
wonkiness of the trees and the few that are multicolor.  

Even though I see 'simplicity'  I'm thinking this might be a challenge.

                            What do you think? 
Hour 1 is here
Hour 3 is here

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