Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year--A Quilt An Hour

Happy New Year . . . 
I was thinking back to being a youth leader and the 'lock in's' we would have.  We'd stay up all night coraling the youth (LOL)

And so to celebrate The New Year I'm doin' my own tack on a 
'lock in'.  

                      If I could I'd stay up all night sewing. 

Not an option so here's to the next best thing . . . 

                               Looking at quilts in a randomly choosen order

Hour #1
hand drawn paper piecing
Recently I've been drawn to circle quilts.   I'm fascinated with them.
I loved the use of color and the feel of texture!  

The quilter I think is a bit of a rogue like me she say's . . . 
          "I don't like to follow patterns, I like to make the decisions"

I'm inspired by this lovely quilt.  I love the combination of paperpieced patterns.  The flying geese are hand drawn by the quilter.

hand drawn paper piecing                                                                         Source
                        I'm inspired to "lock' myself in and sew!                                                                                


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