Monday, December 7, 2015

Thrifty Tree Trimming

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                                        Merry Christmas. 
                           I hope your having a Fabulous week. 
                I've been adding bling and sparkle to the Cottage

The cocoa is simmering on the stove. Come on over to the cocoa
bar and grab a cup!
              T:    T:
Little plastic cups from Walgreen's (cheap) for the kids.  
And really, really cheap thrift Mugs from Kirklands after Christmas
70% off!  I paid $4.00 for a set in a really cool hat box!  They sat waiting in the back of my kitchen cabinet till Christmas!
The spoons I think I got at Walmart. I love the plastic handle decorative spoons for parties.  
                                Love the polka dots! 
Christmas Dividers
Isn't that cocoa wonderful?  I know it's a little warm here today but 
we can pretend there is beautiful snow outside. 
               It's Christmas time.  Christmas is magical . . . 
Building a Snowman Art Print
                   Source Available at Etsy
Oh did you see the neighbor children have built a snow man.
Let's take our mugs out to the patio for a bit . . . 
       Oh please sit down.  Just move Marvin over!  He's been waving at the neighbors and just had to sit for a few minutes!

The Cowboy does enjoy decorating the patio.  We have  a new woodland theme this year.  It started when I settled into the chair covered up with the moose/cabin throw.  

                 We had a woodland theme on our mind.  
   Daisy and I have been collecting pine cones on our walk
The Cowboy and I went thrifting a couple weeks ago and everywhere we turned we saw Moose's.  Marvin was stalking us so we had to bring him home.  Along with all his friends! 
           We've been adding more friends every week! 
All of our patio decorations were thrifted.  We didn't pay more than $4.00 for any.  Marvin was marked $10.00 but he was half price.
                He has a tag from Cracker Barrel.  

My cocoa is cooling!  Let's go in and see the Snowman tree!

     Yes your right!  That is the the Elephant tree from last year!
                                                 Click Here
Our daughter loved being surprised with finding all her Elephants from storage.  They are now proudly displayed all over their little apartment.  

I enjoyed the tree so much that I decided I wanted another one this year.  I really wasn't too happy with the Snowman collection last year. 
 I know seriously tacky!  Look at all those cords. That idea didn't come together!
                               I knew I could do better!
My collection of snowmen proudly decorate one little tree.
My collection includes some store bought, gifted and crafted.  Each one has a story . . . 

Painted by my father.  Daddy and Mother sold crafts at the 
Opryland Country Christmas for 15 years.  A lot of my ornaments were bought from other vendors.  Mother can never pass up buying an ornament.  And helping a fellow-vendor!           T:
Another Kirklands find . . . $2.50 after Christmas.  It's actually a candle holder.  See the star cutouts?  I just stuck the branches through the openings to hang it.  
The glass ornament above came from Pier One years ago.  
                                  Of course on sale!  
Love this sign.  It used to hang on our door.  But it was really too small.  He is perfect on the tree.  He was purchased at my favorite local shop.  Golightly's Gallery.  A lovely shop and tea room.
Over to the left is a snowman doll my DIL made.  She is talented.
Did you see my Blue Monday post?  She made me a cake!
                                             Blue Monday post Click Here

Our daughter also has a collection of Snow Babies.  This one ended up in with my ornies.  (insert wink)

The tree is standing in a thrifted wagon.  I put lights in the bottom and covered with tule to display a few Snowmen that I couldn't put on the tree.  This was a gift from a friend when we lived in Missouri.  It brings back special memories.  Come by Wednesday for my Wit and Wisdom post.
I have no idea where we got this vintage Snowman.  He actually smokes his pipe!  It's wooden.  The Cowboy and I have had him for forever! 
I love this little guy.  I love hat boxes!  He is so cute.  I was glad I could put him the collection sitting in the wagon. Do you remember the story from last year?  The Cowboy found the wagon on the side of the road!
He passed it at about 8:00 that evening.  Silently he prayed that when he got off work at ten it would still be there!  It was in fact they had added another one! Two free vintage wagons!  The didn't have wheels and the axles were broken but the Cowboy found wheels on line and fixed them!   
    What a guy!  He sure does make me happy with all his finds!  
                      Do you have a thrifty husband?
Gosh I know it's been a long tour.  I know you have other visits to make!   I'd love you to come over again.

Tomorrow we can sit by the fire and I'll tell you all about the Santa's! 
             santa line                               Come over anytime I'll be here all day!

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Stacey said...

Your ornaments are so pretty! Our ornaments have been collected over the years all the way back to when I was in college. Our favorites are the ones our boys made when they were little.

joyh82 said...

Love your decorations! Love all the moose's
and your snowman tree is adorable. My lil sis
collects those snow babies.
Have a great week!

Linda Kay said...

Just adorable, and very whimsical. I'd love to join you for a cup of hot chocolate!

Michelle said...

Love your decorations! So festive!

Molly the Airedale said...

What fun! Your blog is beginning to look a LOT like Christmas☺

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE that snowman tree!! You know how I love decorated Trees!! Beautiful!!
I laughed at your question of " Do you have a thrifty husband?" You know that Joe is sometimes a better shopper than I am!!