Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wit and Wisdom

Sharing with Linda Kay at Wit/Wisdom a story about a photo . . . 
                Christmas can be a very lonely time for some people.  
                  But, for some everyday can be a lonely time.
Some people go throw their day just 'getting by'.  Some people 
want, wish, crave, desire that someone would reach out to them.
                              Some people need to be needed.  
                    Need too feel that someone cares about them. 
It's hard to continue to go on day after day without anyone really caring.  Or at least without feeling that anyone cares. 
                              Silence can be menacing.  
                                When no one says Hello.  
                                        No one calls. 
                                        No one texts.  
                                    No one comments.  
                              You can feel utterly alone.  
                   Especially when you've initiated contact.  
                 You've called. You've texted.  You've posted. 
                   When you receive silence it is deafening.  
         You feel unwanted.  You feel unloved.  You feel sad.  
                                    And, you can't change it.  
                You can't make people like you or love you.  
                                   Or show you that they do.  
             You give in. You give up.  You stop caring.  
                   Because you feel like no one cares.  
                          Christmas is a lonely time.
                                 And, so I ask you.   
Is there someone in your world that needs your attention? 
I can tell you that just a kind word can make someones day!
                                I know.  I understand.  
                                    I've been there. 
                   Sometimes you can only trust in Jesus.  

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