Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We Love Snowmen

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           Animated candy cane striped bar
I've always loved Christmas and Santa Claus.  Maybe it goes back to that ill-fated birthday when I asked for a Barbie cake and got Santa!  (For that story click here).  I began a Santa Claus collection in about
1990.  It's grown in leaps and bonds!

In 2000 I/we were living in Potosi, Missouri.  (I called it Misery) We left Texas to go to a job in
Boulder, Colo.  Six months later we were in Potosi.   I pictured Gilmore Girls.  What we got was
more like Duke's of Hazard or something similar.  I can't describe it.

It really wasn't the people.  They were fabulous! It was the fact that Pitosi is 2 hours from a mall.
It was 45 min. one way to a Walmart.  Yes ma'm there was no Walmart in Pitosi.

They built a Taco Bell while we were there.  We got sick of Taco Bell!

But, the people were darling.  I have a lot of friends left living in Pitosi.  In fact our son and his family are still there!

While we were there to keep myself busy I  began recruiting friends from church into crafts and quilting.

One group got together weekly at my house and we made soft sculpture snowmen.  I had the patterns in my stash.  I just collected all the supplies and sewed up the snowmen before the class.  On class day the ladies stuffed the snowmen and added embelishments and dressed them.

It was a fun time.  That year for my birthday everyone gave me snowmen.  Hence the Snowman tree.
Many of the this treasures came from those ladies!

There were indeed a Blessing from God.  They made those days bearable for me.  I'm grateful to have these sweet ornaments to remember that sweet time.

            Animated candy cane striped bar
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Linda Kay said...

Thanks so much for joining in, and I love your snowmen. I'll link you in.

Linda Kay said...

I couldn't link you in, as the link requires an email address, and I couldn't find it.

Michelle said...

That snowman is so cute. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I love snow people.