Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday Filled With Words/Random

                        I hope your Wednesday has gone well!
                           Are you getting ready for Christmas?

                                I've been working on my trees. 
                         I've decided I need to invest in new lights.  

                       'Cuz you can never have too much Bling!

              I have some Big news I wanted to share with you. 
                        And, ask you for a few prayers please. 
Here's the news . . .                             
                                        I got a new job!

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It's exactly what I want.  I think.  I'm just a little worried. 
I'll be teaching at a different center.  I've always taught at a preschool.  This is actually a day care center.  So I'm a little bit anxious.  I've never taught in this environment.  
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I turned in my resignation on Monday.  I was able to begin telling my parents.  My last day is Friday.  It's getting real now.  Some of my kids only come 1 or 2 days.  Today was the last day for a few.  

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I know that this is the right thing.  I don't want to go into details but I was so 'worn down' and 'worn out' at work. 

                         I am so ready for a fresh start!
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      I need a little happiness.  I need a little 'bling' in my day!
                                  I'm ready for a change
And, speaking of change.  There will probably be a few changes here on the blog.  I'll be working 8-5.  That's a little of what I'm worried about.   

I know that this is do-able.  We'll just have to make some life-style

So do you mind saying a prayer for me.  And a prayer for Cowboy. 
He'll have to do a little more around the house!  

I'll still be posting daily.  Maybe not in the early morning.  I may not be linking as much but I'll be here.  I'll be around.  

                                      I hope you'll be around too.  
                   Please come over and let me know your there.     
                                                 I need you.
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Denise said...

congrats, very happy for you. praying, and loving you.