Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday Link Party

Happy Homemaker Monday--December 
Good Morning sweet friends.  Today I'm joining Sandra and a few
friends to share our week!  

 The Weather outside is:
Wet from Sunday.  It rained alot Saturday night.  I didn't even realize I/we slept right through it. 
So did Daisy we opened the door to go out and it was still drizzling.  She stopped in her tracks!
She isn't a fan of rain!  

On The Breakfast Plate:
Since starting a new job I don't put much on the plate.  I know I'm bad but I usually eat nothing or stop for a hash brown at McDonald's.  Today I need gas and I'm hungry.  I wonder what yummy healthy treat the have at Quick Trip?

As I Look Outside My Window:
Winter arrived at least for a few days.  Cloudy and wintery.  Wet from the Saturdays rain. 

Right Now I Am:
Thinking about my new job.  I'll be working this week with the curriculum director learn 
how "they" teach 18 month olds. 

As I Look Around The House:
Our vacuum broke.  I think it's the belt.  We got one from beside the dumspter but it needs a bag. 
Our daughter was going to start this week coming over and doing the carpets, sweeping and 1 other job every other.  I needed the help she needed the money.  We'll start next week when I get my first pay check!

On Today's To Do List:

  • Washing Daisy's towels and rugs
  • Roast for dinner then soup from the left overs for the rest of the week
  • I got the binding attached to the commission quilt now I just need to do the hand sewing!
Happening This Week
I lead a borrowing life.  Work, laundry, keeping up the house, cooking

Currently Reading
I just finished Worship Changes Everything by Darlene Zschech
Waiting on a romance novel!

On The T.V.
Nothing much. I am a little boring.  I'm watching the Christmas movies when they are on.

On The Menu This Week:
Monday--Pot Roast (I'll make soup for lunch for the rest of the week with the leftovers
Tuesday-- Mexican Stack (ground beef on a bed of chips lettuce quac and cheese
Wednesday-- Seafood.  Probably Etoufee there's always fish, crawfish and shrimp in the freezer
Thursday -- Pork Chops, Rice, Black Eyed Peas
Friday-- Easy something thrown in crock pot
Saturday and Sunday play it by ear.  Depends on what we find on sale

What I Am Creating At The Moment
My daughters Christmas present a 365 calendar of illustrated scripture.  She might get 6 months worth.   It's a huge endeavor!

New Recipe I tried:
Beef LoMein (from left over Beef and Brocolli)  I used a recipe and tweeked it.  It was really good we will do it again!

Favorite Photo From The Camera:
Not from my camera.  And I really can't share the source.  Don't know where it came from. 
I saw it on FB.  But it's too precious not to share . . . 

Prayers, Inspiration, Deovtionals:

Remember what matters most.:

                              Merry Christmas
Go over and visit Sandra at Happy Home Maker Monday.


Denise said...

enjoyed this, love you.

Linda Kay said...

Great post, my are sooooo organized to have your meals all planned so far in advance. I need to get myself together on meal planning, as we elect to eat out too much and are getting too fat!

Trisha said...

That manger with the dogs is the best thing ever! It made me smile!