Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Sad Birthday Cake--Wit/Wisdom Wednesday

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My birthday is a few days away so I thought it might be interesting to share about one of my birthdays.
Don't worry you won't need tissues.  And please don't think bad of me when you read my story.  I can't afford therapy;so I must use the blog world as my opportunity to bear my soul. (insert wink)

Do you remember turning 8 years old and being excited about your birthday party?  
I was sooooo excited!  My 8 year old birthday (why my parents chose 8 I am clueless) was the year I got to have a 'real' party.
I got to invite friends from school.  
I remember weeks before talking and talking about how I wanted a Barbie party.  That was the year that I asked Santa for a Barbie doll like my older sisters.  
I was soooo excited.  I don't remember how many friends from school came to my party. 
I remember coming home from school expecting to find pink balloons and streamers.  I was expecting this fabulous Barbie display.  
I can remember walking in the door and being confused to see red and green balloons.  The crepe paper streamers stretched across the little half wall (my mother called a partition) that separated the living room from the dining room were red and blue.  
                   I'm thinking to myself 'where's the pink.'  
And then I saw It. The cake that was supposed to be a Barbie cake was a Santa Claus cake.  
I was crushed.  I was actually embarrassed because all my friends (the girls. I didn't talk to the boys) expected Barbie.  
                                     We got Santa.  
I was grateful that I got to have a party.  It was the only 'party' with friends from school I had growing up.  

I wonder now if I was such a brat over the cake that my parents never gave me another party. 

I hope not.  I hope it was just their thing to do one party.  

I really don't remember.  I do remember until I was an adult that was the only store bought cake I ever had. 

My mother redeemed herself the next year and made my favorite 
Strawberry cake.  It was one of those cake mix cakes you poke holes in and pour jello over.  It's served with fresh strawberries and cool whip. Yummmeee!  
I guess I got over the Santa Cake incident.  You'd think it would have been tarnished for life. I'm not!  And Yes, Virginia there is a Santa.
                             Image result for there is a santa             
              She must have wanted a Barbie cake too!
                            Merry Christmas

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Denise said...


carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Love this! I think you had every right in your 8 year old mind to want your Barbie cake. What a hoot. Glad you were able to still have a wonderful party and go on to love more fun parties. Lol
Blessings and thanks for sharing. xoox

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Kay said...

Thanks for joining in last Wednesday, my friend. I loved your story of disappointment, and can't imagine why they chose to give you a Santa cake. Maybe the store was out of Barbie decorations?