Saturday, December 5, 2015

Critters On Parade

Last night was our towns Christmas Parade. 
It's become an annual event for me, my grandson and Daisy.
And a few Critters . . .
The parade was a lot bigger this year.  Filled with critters . . . 
I bought myself a birthday present the other day.  I upgraded my PicMonkey account!  See the Holly in the corner?  The snow effect is from PicMonkey too. 
It was a beautiful night.  Perfect for a parade.  We just pretended it was snowing!
There were probably 2 dozen dogs with this group.  The one in the red sweater isn't on a leash.  
Actually I'm not sure that any of these dogs are on a leash. 
I'm having trouble with my camera.  I think I need a new battery.
It's running really, really slow.  I wish I could have gotten more shots.  
See the cute little holly in the corner? I just love PicMonkey!

And one more just to tease you to come back over on Monday for more parade shots . . . 
                              Parade Firetruck

                      The fire trucks always lead the parade.   
It was a fun night.  I didn't get a good photo of Daisy but she had a great time.  We saw a couple of neighbors with their dogs. 

 I love living so close to city hall!  I/we are Blessed to live in a place that we can enjoy things like the Christmas Parade!

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                 Come by on Monday for more parade photo's!


Christina Morley said...

Aw! We love our pets. So nice for them to get out and about and the humans like the Christmas lights! Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More! My weekend linky is live and I hope you can link up!

CountryCityCindy said...

LOVE including our fur babies in activities. They like to celebrate too I suspect! We had to put my dog down 2 weeks ago. After having him for 16 years, there is a big hole in our family. Have a great weekend,

Jane said...

Nice christmassy shot!

carol l mckenna said...

Fun photos for the season and love the pic monkey updates ~

Wishing you a magical weekend,
artmusedog and carol

genie said...

Lots of festive fun seeing all the critters dressed up in their Christmas best.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Happy Christmas poochies!

Justjennywren said...

lovely xmas scene- looked like alot of fun x

Michelle said...

Looks like fun!