Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Friday Party

I'm a little late to join.  But I found a new friend. And a new linky party.  The link is still up so here goes . . . 
Feeling Beachie

Prompts to fill in!  Fun!
The statements: (my answers in Bold)
  1. Cupcakes taste yummeee!
  2. Have you finished your Christmas decorating?
  3. My Cowboy always gets mad at me for not completely filling ice trays!
  4. When my alarm clock goes off, I  I wish I could stay home!
Thanks to Annie over at McGuffey's Reader for sharing this new fun party!  

Linking with Follow Friday Fill-In @ Feelin' Beachie

                I hope your weekend is going great!


Michelle said...

I love your answers!

Merry Christmas!!

Laura said...

What a fun new party!
And what a treat to find your blog this morning.
And I agree! Cupcakes taste yummee!

Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower,
White Spray Paint blog

Anonymous said...

Great answers! I had to laugh at #3. That one sounds familiar! Hug.

Patricia said...

I like your fill-ins and can relate to them...except for the cowboy part. I just have catkids and they don't care about ice cubes.