Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sweeeeet Saturday with Critters and a Sleepover

It has been a long and crazy two weeks for me and I am so ready for the weekend! 

The weather has suddenly changed and it is really Fall! Perfect for a Cozy Weekend . . .

. . .with one of my favorite critters 

This little critter is Cozy.  He loves to curl up in a blanket. He hates when he is woke up from a nap!
I am not sure if he likes his picture takin but I love this shot!
 Lots of Cozy places for a quick Critter nap when the house gets
all quite!
 Settling in for a Cozy little nap . . .
Ahhhh.  Peaceful  . . .

Not Sleepy
All Cozy and sweet . . .
A Cozy Collection!

Posting late we slept late today but still linking with our favorite places . . . Click below or find the links on my sidebar.

                   Hope Your Day Is Cozy

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