Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Magic Mesh--Product Review--It Really Works!

I have had so many compliments and questions from neighbors I thought it was time to share . . .

Yes Magic Mesh as seen on T.V. really works!

 It took the cat a couple of tries to master.  But he is a seasoned warrior now.  When the weather is nice enough. He can come and go as he wants. 
 We live on the second floor and he enjoys walking out and looking out over his kingdom.  Or just catching a catnap in one of the chairs.
 Magic Mesh really was worth the money.  We actually paid less than it is advertised on t.v. we found it at Winco a new grocery chain that came to our town.  Ours was only $14.95. 

It was well worth it to me.  I really like to have the door open and the cost of a screen door is more than we could afford. 
The Magic Mesh screen is perfect for allowing the fresh air to come in and the animals to go in and out!

I give Magic Mesh a thumbs up!  These are in expensive enough you could even put on a small patio to keep bugs away for your Outdoor Parties or Teas. And if you find it on sale like I did it is Thrifty!   

One day while I was playing around on Pinterest I saw this and loved it. 
I would love to have a mailbox like this!  The fence isn't shabby either! 

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