Monday, September 15, 2014

Blue Laundry Room Makeover

Small space living requires some juggling . . .
Well if I looked this cute I'd leave things as they are.
But alas.  This isn't me and clutter and having my things stored away annoys me. 

So I've had to figure out solutions.  It all started when I needed to put away the Red, White and Blue from Labor Day. 

I found a home for the red candles and candlesticks, the white
candles and the pedestal (which I love BTW...never will it be stored away!)  But those Blue candlesticks and the fun glitter didn't have a home. 

I debated about putting them in the cabinet with the dishes but.
Another idea came to mind. 

I walked into my laundry room and here's part of what I found.

Can you say 'Ick'.  I am embarrassed to show you this.   I am not a fan of advertising for the products I buy.  Call me weird but.  I just don't like brands and labels staring me in the face.  I want to see something pretty.  So hence the use of the 6 pack holder for spray air freshner.  Which didn't make it back into the holder before this pic!  It also holds my kitchen trash bags, swifter sheets, and doggie bags.  (It doesn't look like this now but you'll have to wait for the how to post!)

I'd been kicking the idea around for awhile to do something with the 6 pack holder which I did but I am sharing on another post.  Sorry.  I didn't get the pics taken. 

But I know your really wanting to see what I did with those gorgeous Blue Candle Sticks . . .
Here was my first attempt.  O.K. but still not pretty. 

Then, I remembered some Patriotic Laterns that I used at school.  I brought them home and hung in the sewing room (they were cheap,cheap,cheap, and I knew wouldn't last if I flattened them.) and it all came together.
The basket on right was a dumpster find that was filled with candles. (I will post about that find on a Thrifty linky party soon) It is holding light bulbs and extension cords.  Behind the blue candlesticks is my party tea server.  To the left are the candles that Cowboy and I made for the Valentines Dinner for our daughter and grandson.  I'd love you to visit that post!  Click Here. Just behind standing against the wall are my favorite red enamel trays.  I just love them.  Of course you can see the glitter and my red stones.
And my detergent that matches the color scheme.  (I'll have to save it to pour the next one in. I wasn't too found of this brand)
My empty Blue launder basket.  Yea to the empty part.  Sitting on my Thrifty bought Maytag washer.  We paid $100.00 delivered for it!  The dryer was only $30.00 but I had to pick it up.  I was a little afraid but the Cowboy said it was a nice couple selling it.  And it was they were very nice!  God was with me!

I am very proud of the shelf and candle storage I think it makes the room look so much nicer but I think this is my favorite part.

Can you guess what is behind the curtain?  Here's a peek . . .
I thought this was genius.  I just used a shower curtain rod.  And a piece of fabric I had.  I to find something blue.  But this works for now.

Here's a better shot . . .

And, the litter and scoop are blue!
I played around a little with the pics on Picmonkey.  My favorite place to make collages and mosaics . . .

Laundry Room Makeover
And now I am not embarrassed that the laundry room is right off the kitchen and the door is usually always open. 

I removed the background template.  It seemed my blog was taking a long time to load.  Can you tell a difference?  Please comment.

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