Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inspire Me Monday--A Photo Sizing Posting Tutorial

The other day a blogger friend posed the question? 
How do you change the size of your pictures.
She was having a problem with them being too big and 'bleeding' into her side bar. 
Like this . . .
I played around with the size of this one and stretched it so you could see was I was talking about. 
How about if your photo is too small?
I shrunk this one a little to show you what I mean. 
I learned by trial and error how to fix this problem. 
I have no training.  I haven't taken any classes or read any books.
I have learned from trial and error and reading other blog tutorials. My wording may not be correct.  
I don't use the default setting on the sizing that blogger offers.
Small, medium and large.  Unless I forget and don't preview my post before I am finished with it. 
Even if you use the default you can still change the size. 
Here's how you do it. 
1.  Write your post in Compose.   Until you get the hang of
re-sizing only write a few lines and import a photo. 
2. Once you've added your photo.  Switch to HTML. 
You'll see something like this . . ." imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
" height="240" width="620" />
You'll want to look for the area (at the bottom in the example) that has the words height and width.    Like this:
    height="240" width="620"
This is so easy you'll wonder why didn't I figure this out. 
I'll answer that.  Your just afraid.  Yep.  I was but I bit my tongue and figured I can't mess it up too bad.  If your still a little nervous you can always click the 'save' option before you go further. 
But if you took my advise and only wrote a few lines then if you mess it up you have lost an entire post.
But trust me it's simple and it works!
Ok back to it. 
height="240" width="620" />
All you need to do is change these numbers. 
I have found that for the look I want my photo's to be between  "450" and "500" High.  And about "525-550" wide.
You just change the numbers.  It is as simple as that. 
Here's an example with the first photo...
First the original photo before I stretched it.
 Here's the original photo and sizing. . . height="240" width="320"
A little too small? Let's change it a little . . .
Changed to:  " height="440" width="520"  
 So that's how I do it.  I've done it so much that now I write my entire post before I bother to change sizes.  Its really very easy once you practice. 
Hope this helps and Inspires you to Re-size your photos!
Did you notice my photo's are from Christmas? 
I love Christmas!  Come and join me and link your Christmas photos, posts, house tours.  Or play around with sizing your using your Christmas photos!  Click here to link.
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