Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request--UPDATE

Earlier today I received a phone call from my daughter. 
She had gotten a call from the police.  He Ex was arrested and our 6 year oldgrandson was with the police.  
Here is a link to that original here

He is now here at our house playing games with his 'Pa'.

Background on what happened.  According to the custody/divorce
degree he was spending the 1 week summer visit with his dad. 
He was to be there until Sunday. 

His dad is living with a young woman (the reason for the divorce) and their 3 year old daughter. 

Today he (ex sil) went to the work place of  his girlfriend. 

My grandson was left in the car.  He did leave the car running.
We don't know how long but our grandsons IPod ran out of charge. 

Thank the Lord the car running with the a/c on!

Apparently and this is sketchy he went inside and assaulted the girlfriend.  The 3 year old was taken inside with him. 

Apparently he tried to strangle her and hit her face.  (This from our grandson)

Somehow the police were called. 

SIL was arrested.  When our daughter arrived our grandson was still in his dads car with a policeman. 

Our grandson was released to our daughter and she came here.

A couple of hours later she started getting calls on her phone. 
SIL was making collect calls to her phone. 

We have suspected that there was abuse going on in the house. 
This was confirmed today.  It's a long story but our daughter has mutual friends with the girlfriend who is of course scared for her life.  Her family has finally persuaded her to leave the house. 

She gave permission for our daughter to go and get our grandsons clothes and other possessions. 

As it stands we are praying that he will in fact be charged with assault or something worse.  I know that this sounds harsh but, this has been a long road. 

SIL is on parole.  The interesting thing is he would have been off parole in November. 

Again we are praying that this incident will revoke his parole. 

We are all grateful and thankful that everyone is 'alive' and safe. 

Many thanks to all who emailed! 

I will be updating as soon as I have further information.  


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad your grandson and daughter are ok. Sounds like her ex needs some serious counseling. I'll pray for his girlfriend, too.

big hugs,


ellen b. said...

PTL that your grandson is doing well and out of harms way. How frustrating and frightening for all of you...

Jenny said...

Thank God your grandson is safe. I pray his father's custody rights will be revoked. I'm sorry for your family. Hugs, Jenny