Monday, July 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday/How I Cooked It Brunch Holiday Weekend

So how was your July 4th weekend?  Ours was wonderfully slow.
We stayed home and enjoyed the day.  I love being a 'stay home'
wife.  If only only holidays now.  I am still a 'Homemaker'
Our day started with brunch...
The menu...
Fried Eggs
Hash Browns
Sausage/Sausage Gravy
The Cowboy licked his plate. That's Romance.
Here's how I did it...
I began cutting the sausage on my acrylic cutting board which I love. The Cowboy brought home for work many years ago.
The sausage was another thrifty buy from our local grocery. 
Don't let the 50 off tag scare you.  It was well in date. 
Click Here to read my Thrifty shopping post.
After I cooked 2 pieces each.  I cooked the last two.  See the drippings from the first batch.  This batch will be crumbled for the
While the sausage began cooking; I drained/dried some dehydrated  potatoes that I had soaked in hot water earlier. 
I love hashbrowns.  These potatoes I bought at a new store in our area that has bulk products. 
Next I prepared my pan for the potatoes. . .
1/2 stick of butter and some previously saved bacon grease
The Cowboy bought this non stick pan.  It is perfect for scrambled eggs and potatoes!  He paid $20.00 at Big Lots.  I don't wash it in the dishwasher.
Next I added the potatoes with lots of salt and some pepper. 
(I like more salt than pepper).  Then I put a lid on and forgot about them for awhile. 
I don't have a lid for this pan so I have to use my lid from my original Revereware copper bottom pans.  (the bottoms aren't pretty any more.  I hate cleaning copper)
Yes I did leave them and forget for awhile.  The burner was on medium.  I wanted them cooked through and beginning to brown before I turned them. 
While I 'forgot' them I planned to cut up an onion.  I went to the fridge and this is all I found.  I would have preferred a medium onion chopped nicely.  I made do with the end of an onion and a green onion.  I love lots of onion in my hash browns.

And then quess what happened.  All these wonderfully smelling things are cookin.  And I've got all these great pic.  And my camera battery died! more pics.  Can you believe it!

Well that's about how it goes around here. 

So I finished up the sausage gravy. 
I fried up the eggs.
Recruited the Cowboy to make toast. (I was out of biscuits.  I don't make home made biscuits) 

It turned out to be a wonderful meal. 
Sort of like this . . .

My sunny side eggs ended up over medium and Cowboys toast
wasn't heart shaped but it was yummy. 

Our weekend brunch was tasty.  I hope you got a couple tips from my 'short' photo journey. 

Next time I'll make sure the battery is charged.

I did start some cookies too . . .

These were spoon and bake I bought on half price sale. 

They came out of the oven.  I had them all ready to photo for dessert for dinner.  I took out the dog and came back in
and guess what.   2 cookies were left.  I guess the Cowboy like them!  So much for sharing the plans I had for dessert. 
Well maybe next time. 

Thanks for coming by.  I would love for you to leave a comment on my first Tasty Tuesday/How I cooked it post!  I hope your Inspired to be a Happy Homemaker. 

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Poppy said...

Don't you just wanna scream when you've managed to whip up a mouthwatering meal, and your camera dies?!! I'm sure it was delish!

Have a great week!


Oliva Ohlson said...

Sausage Gravy was my Dad's favorite and I never learned how to make it! Yours looks delicious and I will copy your recipe. TFS

Oliva Ohlson said...

Oh wait...where are the directions for the gravy??? LOL!

Finding Joy said...

Nothing worse than the dead battery when you really need it!!! It all looks very yummy :))

JES said...

My cowboy like hashed browns too! Its a once a week affair at our place... Thanks for sharing how you prepared everything. That is always fun :) Please join us again for the Art of Home-Making Mondays and have a wonderful week!