Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prayer Request Update 2 with photo

Updated Saturday. . .
From her facebook post.  "Thankful to have my cool kid safe at home!"

Thank you for the sweet comments and emails.
Here is the update today...

My daughter and grandson are safe. For now. 
My grandsons step sister and her mother are safe and with family.

My ex SIL was charged with Assault by Choking/Impeding Breath

He is still in the local jail.  Bond has been set.  As of 4:30 today
if he makes bond then he can be released.  If he doesn't he will go to county jail. 

An Emergency Protective Order was issued including our daughter, our grandson, the step sister and her mother (the victim).  This means that he cannot contact them or be within 200 feet (I think) for 60 days. 

Assault by choking/impeding breath has the following range of punishment:

  • 2 to 10 years of confinement in the Texas Department of Correctional Facilities;
  • Up to a $10,000 fine; or
  • Both such fine and confinement.
Our ex SIL is on parole.  So far the local police have not received anything concerning his parole being revoked.  The officer I spoke to couldn't tell me how long it normally takes if that happens.
So, long story short.  We are not out of the woods where this is concerned. If by some chance he manages to get bond he will be released. 
Because he called our daughter last night and My Cowboy talked to him and refused to allow him to talk to our daughter this causes me great concern.   
Please pray for our entire family.  We are praying that our family and everyone else will be protected. 
This has been a long ordeal for all of us.  My daughter was emotionally abused for over 4 years during their marriage. 
Last night she went to the home of the victim to get our grandsons belongings. 
She was met at the door by victim.  They hugged.  My daughter was asked. "Did he ever hit you?" 
Fortunately for her/us the answer was no.  The only reason she was able to say this was because she learned very early on not to cause him to get angry.  
Today our daughter is processing what has happened and what it means to them in the future. 
Your prayers for her and are family are coveted.


Lady of the Manor said...

Your family is in my prayers. So sorry you all have had to go through this.

Poppy said...

Sending prayers and positive thoughts for all innocent victims involved in this horrible and frightening situation at this time.

Take care!


Ginger Harrington said...

What a heart-breaking trial. Praying for you and your family!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh my, this is such a sad story but I am happy your boy is safe with you for now! My thoughts will be with all of you!

Hannah said...

I'm happy for a safe outcome for your daughter and grandson, praying for protection for them and the other women, and for a spirit of remorse and repentance for this man, that he will turn away from violence and seek God. I prefer you respond to me here rather than on my blog as it is off-topic.

xinex said...

SO sorry about this but glad your daughter and grands are safe now. I hope it stays that way...Christine

Michelle said...

I am so sorry. I am praying.
I was abused, physically & emotionally, by my ex. It's a hard thing to go through & hard to watch loved ones go through it.