Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday--Finish

Over at Lisa Jo's she gives us an idea(prompt) and we write for 5 minutes.  Just plain 'ole writing.
No editing.  No backtracking.  Nothing more than what comes to mind from the prompt. 

Todays Prompt:
Wow.  What a word. I almost didn't write about Finish. 
You see 'Finish' and I kind of have a thing.  It's terrible I know but I don't 'Finish' well.  When I think about it.  I think it is because I am basically a perfectionist.   I get a great idea.
I get all into it and if it doesn't come out like I expect.  I don't finish!  My family is even frustrated with me.  My Cowboy sees projects in various stages (mostly in the sewing room) 
I want everything thing to be what I expect it to be.  Whether it is a quilt or other craft item.  I don't like to make changes or substitute.  I guess it's because I constantly do that in other areas.  Settling for what I would consider 2nd best.  Or not really what I want.  But when it comes to my crafting and mostly quilting I want perfection.  I want the colors just right.
I want my stitching just right.  I want to be proud (not in a vain way) of the quilts I finish.  I just want to be able to show them to someone with no fear of mistakes being found.    I am feeling confident now in my abilities.  And all those quilts that my family think are 'unfinished.'   They aren't.  The tops are 'finished'.  So really that isn't totally unfinished is it?  I guess it is.  I am confident now in my quilting and who knows maybe I'll show them some projects that they will call 'Finished' soon!

I usually try to spend a little time in my sewing room on Saturdays.  And tomorrow would be a perfect time to Finish something.  But,
I got invited to go to a quilt show tomorrow.  So I'll go and get some inspiration to Finish! 

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Michelle said...

I understand perfectionism...
There are times I won't start something, or do something, because I'm not sure it will be right.
I am beginning to see it for what it is.

Linda Stoll said...

May you take great joy in the next project that you take to completion as you remember these words you penned in all of 300 seconds!