Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Saturday Was Sweet Until . . .

My Saturday was sweet until . . .

If I could reach the server.

  This is what I would do.  I guess it's better I can't!   I'm sure you've all been there a time or two.  So I won't dwell. 

Back to the sweet. 
This dear sweet friend emailed me on Thursday and asked if she could treat me to a Quilt Show and lunch! Of course I said
Yes! I had a great time here's a few of the pics . . .
 I've been wanting to make a yellow and blue star quilt.  This one was gorgeous.
 I loved the colors in this fall leaf quilt.
 I had fun answering questions for my friend.  She isn't a quilter so she kept asking about patterns.  We were both surprised to see the 9 patches inside the churn dash on this one.
There were a lot of Texas themed quilts because the guilds theme this year was Texas Trails.  My friend noticed I kept taking pics of the Texas quilts and commented.  That I must like them.  I guess I do but I was actually looking for fences to share with Tex!
 I was intrigued with the Boy Scout Tshirt quilt.  Probably the best piece of workmanship I have ever seen in a Tshirt quilt!  I am working on one now I hope it turns out nearly as nice.

And lastly I want to share this one because it was special . . .
This beauty was planned and created and stitched by an 11 year old girl.  Here very first quilt!  She chose all the fabrics.  She did a fantastic.  I was proud and I don't even now her!

It wasn't a huge show but it was a lot of fun!   Followed by a wonderful lunch which my friend insisted on buying!

It was my friends first time at MiMi's Café.  I just love the how quaint the little café is.
They are famous for their Quiche Lorraine . .

And their muffins.  We chose Blueberry.
Which we both brought home for Sunday breakfast. Yum!
It was definitely a fun and Sweet day for me!
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TexWisGirl said...

beautiful quilts!

Michelle said...

If I knew how to quilt I would make the Boy Scout one for my son.

I like Quiche Lorraine

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Fantastic quilts, both in this post and the other one!! Beautiful!! I wish i could quilt but i do not have the eye sight for it!!