Thursday, November 15, 2012


Stay . . .
with me.  Sit. Stay.   I think of  Stay when we leave the house we always tell Daisy "Stay and be a good girl."  And she always is. 

And I think of Staying safe in the protection of my Savior.  I don't need to worry.  .  . although I do. . . that he is there.  I Stay safe and protected by Christ. 

And I hope that you are safe and protected.   I Stay here to share with you God's love.  God's mercy.  God's compassion.  God's healing.  God's Stayingness.  Yes God Stay's no matter what.  We can count on Him.  Because he Stay's. 

And I can feel protected and safe.  I can feel his Love.  His strength.  And I can Be Still and Stay.

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