Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Cat Was Cat Napped

This is a Thankful Thursday post because I am Thankful that our cat came home. For over three weeks he has been gone. I have been having a hard time with his disapperance. I felt guilty for not bringing him in on Saturday night when a storm was expected. He didn't come to the patio door like he usually does but we didn't think too much about it. When he didn't come around all day on Sunday or Monday we began to wonder if he had ended up in someone elses apartment. He is a very friendly cat and has neighbor friends that he visits. But no one had seen him. Everyone was beginning to think the worst. Cowboy had told me he was old and maybe he had just crawled off and died. This bothered me too that I would run across him somewhere when I was walking Daisy.
Our grandson loves him. And he loves our grandson.
I was cherishing this pics taken the last time Zane spent the day.  They were so funny supposed to be taking a nap .  He kept telling me 'We not tired Gige."  I kept telling him He still needed to sleep. 
He never did.  I gave up and so began the photo shoot.   The cat does look tired here. 
I love the smile on Zanes face . . . 
Here is Rascal home and well. 
I guess your wondering why we think he was cat napped. 
Yesterday morning I was on the patio working on some plants.  We have covered parking just outside our door but it has latice on the back wall so you can see through.  As I was working I heard a car drive up.  There were no cars parked so I could see the car.  It stopped and a lady got out. 
That's when I saw Rascal coming to the patio.  He was walking down the sidewalk.  I didn't think anything about the lady because I was so happy to see him.  He was cautiously approaching the patio.    And she was walking toward to the lattice.    When I said his name she stopped.  She had not seen me.  I began calling him and he came to me and the lady got back in her car and drove away. 
When he came in the house he was cautious at first almost acted like he didn't recognize me.  But he went right to Daisy and rubbed against her. 
At lunch when Cowboy came home he was pretty much back to normal.   
Today he spent the afternoon sleeping on top of the quilt blocks I had on the bed. 
I am happy that Rascal is home. 
But I am sad that he was gone for so long and that someone kept him. 
Today I am having to learn forgiveness. 
It's a rough Journey . . .

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