Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

When I woke at 5:40 this morning by a cat grabbing my feet I had to remind myself I am Thankful he is home . . . And as I lay awake a few more things came to mind . . .
I am thankful for the beautiful Texas weather.
I am thankful for the seasons.  I love fall.  I love winter.  I love spring.  Summer well I love it too when it doesn't last tooo long.
I am thankful for my eyes.  I am thankful that I can see the beautiful colors of fall.
I am thankful for colors.  What a dull world it would be without color.
I am thankful for yellow.  It is such a bright and cheery color.  I have an x sister in law that doesn't like yellow. No she hates it.  Will not have anything yellow.  Didn't feed her kids corn because it is yellow.  How weird is that?
I am thankful for corn.  Especiall frozen corn. 
I am thankful for today.  Today during this time of thankfulness I am sitting with my feet up. 
I am thankful that Cowboy and I will be alone today just doing our own things...him watching movies on his new Kindle.  Me at the sewing machine.
I am thankful he bought a Kindle and we can hook it to the t.v.  and watch movies.  Most are really bad movies but it is something to do when your tired of sewing for the evening

I am thankful for the one little church in our neighborhood that still believes in our ministry and provides. 
I am thankful that God lets us serve Him in ministry
I am thankful that I opened the door of my heart to Jesus and that He came and that He stays

And . . .
I am thankful that Christmas is around the corner and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season
I am thankful for these boys that sing and dance for Jesus.  I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to work with them. 
I am thankful for Amarilla, Dallas,Dallas,Dallas, Houston, College Station, Ponder, Mesquite and all the others.  And I pray that today they are in a place that the can . . .
I pray that today you can Be Thankful.   Just look around you I am sure you can find a long list.

Happy Thanksgiving Day
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