Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome to a Beautiful and Wondreful Day filled with Thankfulness . . .
I hope during this holiday season that you are also Thankful for our wonderful God.   I wanted to share this lovely illustration that reminds us all of the many reasons and ways we can be Thankful.
I found this on Laurie Cole's website and if you don't know who Laurie is I invite you to visit her
at Priority Ministries.  She is an amazing woman of God devoted to sharing her faith. 
I know you'll be Blessed. 

Are you enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.  At least in Texas we are still having Fall.  And we love it and we are Thankful. 

Winter may have already started where you are and if it has I pray you are having a lovely day. 

Are you thriving?  I love the linky party over at Serving Joyfully.  Here's what Thriving Thursday is about . . .
Thriving Thursdays is a link up for family-friendly bloggers, who are choosing to THRIVE in their lives. It’s a place for us to encourage and inspire one another to live life to the fullest–in Jesus Christ. Link up your posts about thriving–in marriage, faith, parenting, homemaking, relationships, in the kitchen, in frugality.
Everything we do can be a ministry and worship to our Lord. Link up as many posts as you want, and I hope that you’ll take the time to visit some other participants as well.

And I hope that when you come here you are Blessed and Encouraged.    I hope that you are inspired and that something you read here helps you grow closer to Jesus Christ.  

I realize that for me I can't really thrive when I am not reading my Bible.  Because our schedule is so crazy I don't have a certain time of day.  No I don't get up at 5:00 am and read and start my day in the word.  And maybe I would Thrive better if I did. 

Yesterday I read a blog and the author was talking about the power being out.  She read her Bible curled up in bed using her cell phone as a light.  She read until the battery ran down on her phone!

Yesterday I bout a new Bible.  I needed a new Bible because mine was litterally falling apart.  It has been for a few years.  I have taped it and put a cover on but the last third of it over the last few weeks has just kept falling off the spine.  It was getting harder and harder to read because the pages would fall out.  Let me interject here lest you think I read my Bible a lot I believe it just was not put together very well.  I had bought a replacement a couple of years ago but I didn't really like it.  I hope that is not bad to say.  What I mean is it was bigger than the one I had before and the printing was different so the verses weren't in the same place on the page.  Have you ever had the happen?  You buy a new Bible or pick up a different version at church  and you can't find anything in it? Sounds silly doesn't it?  I mean it's not like they change the order or anything.   And, this Bible that I bought the pages were really thin.  When I would underline and highlight scripture the ink would bleed through.  I did not like that at all.  I write in my Bible.  I mean really write.  I underline scripture.  I reference scriptures to other scriptures.  I write Prayers.   

So when I went Bible shopping I had criteria.  I really wanted the same Bible I had before The Woman's Devotional Bible.  Because I knew the paper was thick.  But also budget was an issue.  I really didn't want to spend more than $20.00.  I know that is not much to spend on something so important.  But I also knew that I had a source.   We have a Half Price Book store just down the road from us. 

I found The Grandmothers Devotional Bible brand new for $14.99.  It is a hard back cover.  The last Bible I had was soft leather which I think added to why it didn't last a lifetime like I thought it would.  And maybe if I had put it in a cover or carrier sooner it would have lasted longer. 

Now that I think of it that is another tip for you.  Don't be picky like me about finding a carrier that you like what it looks like.  Just get one and protect your lovely Bible. 

Reading the word is how we truly thrive and if the word is spread out in pieces all over the floor you can't read it.  I think I have actually lost Titus somewhere.  I mean seriously how do you loose Titus?  Pretty hard to be a Titus woman when you can't even read the book! 

I am Thankful for the Bible on-line. And for wonderful bloggers that share the word and thier heart. 

I am Thankful today that I have a new Bible.  And I am asking my Savior to join me and teach me about Himself.  I know he'll be there I just have to take the first step. 

Because without Christ I know that I can't Thrive. 

Thriving on a Thankful Journey . . .

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