Friday, November 2, 2012

5 Minute Friday Show and Tell

What a great topic for 5 Minute Friday today . . .

Roots Mine . . .

yep it is a great topic because I was planning to share my bedroom for Show and Tell so sit back and enjoy first my 5 minutes . .

Roots . . . when I think about roots the first thing that popped into my head was flowers and planting.  I know you probably think well that is silly.  But just this week I got to dig in the dirt with a few flowers.  This has been my first time in about 3 years.  And I so missed it. 

I missed having flowers around my house and yard.  My neighbor upstairs has the prettiest patio and I get to see her plants.  And she is so sweet there is even a pot at the bottom of the stairs that I walk by everyday. 

So yes flower roots was my first thought.  Then my second thought was my roots where I came from and where I am.  I am rooted in Christ.   I am rooted in Christ because he knew me before I knew me.   He knew me way back when I was 9 years old and he started calling me softly.   

I am rooted in my family.  And my family is rooted in Christ also.   Jesus Christ called my Cowboy way back when he was a teenager. 

And as I think of my ancestory roots I think different thoughts.  I think of sadness.  I think of questions about my grandparents and great grandparents.  And even my parents and Cowboys. 

And I pray that their roots began with Christ.     Stop

                                             Show and Tell
My Bedroom reveal . . . Part One The Sneak Peak
Today I am sharing my bed.  Last week I gave you a little hint about it.  We had it custom made way back in about '98 I think.  We had moved into our house and were ready to start decorating.

We were a little ahead of our time then and we lived in a neighborhood and not on a ranch so we kind of didn't fit in.  But our Roots are in Texas and we are Cowboys and Girls at heart. 

Here's our bed . . .

I love it.  When I designed it I wanted ranch, rough but some fem too.  So I had it built like a shaker bed with the rod that goes around the top like a shaker bed.  I have always wanted to put sheer gauzy fabric curtins on but haven't had a chance yet.  Maybe soon.   Now don't look too close at the quilt blocks that's my work in progress. 
 Beside the bed on my side is a vintage little table.  I love it.  It is simple and white.  I love shabby chic but I live with a man so this is my little Shabby Chic area. 
 A close up.  I addded the pot of flowers for the photo shoot.  They will go back outside.   I have a girly lamp on my side.  I have a plan for another shade soon.  I'll keep the base but the shade will be a light blue matching the strip in the pillows on the bed. 
 Here's the lamp on Cowboys side.  It is a metal cut out of cowboys and a chuck wagon sitting around a fire.  I love this lamp.  It was a Christmas present for him one year. 
 Here's what it is sitting on.  This is his cigar humidor.  It is a replica of an old ice box.  And, I hate it.
Call me weird I just don't like old ice boxes.  This piece was originally in the den in the big house so it was kind of banished.  But since all the down sizing it has been everywhere.  In our main living area for one.  I have finally gotten to bansih it to the bedroom.  I am so happy. 
This is an upclose of some of the pillows on the bed.  The striped one at the back is a sham from Pottery Barn that is the entire start of the entire bedroom project.  The blue I was talking about for the lamp on my side is that little tiny stripe in the pillow. 

Here's one last shot of the layers of throws that are normally on the bed.  Now remember the first photo way at the top with the quilt blocks.  And, the blue strip in the Pottery Barn pillows.   Well all this is changing.

Yep the next time I show the bed I'll have all the new linens.  The quilt finished and I'll share the story behind it.   And a tour of the rest of the room. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.    Please come back soon.   Actually would you come back tomorrow because I have something Huge.   Yes I said Huge.

It really, really is Huge.  It is about quilts.  It is about shopping.

And it is really Huge

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April said...

Not at all silly. That was one direction that you could take with it. It was certainly one of my options. I decided to delve a little deeper though.

Nice read.

Check me out:

Anonymous said...

I like this! I agree...when I think about my ancestors I wonder if their roots began with Jesus Christ {even though my great-grandfather's name is Jesus}

Unknown said...

Nice meeting you Sherry. I am also rotted in Christ and grateful everyday for His love! Thank you again for stopping by and be blessed:)

Geneva said...

Very nice post & very nice blog.

Denise said...

Good post.

Hall Family in MD said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comment. I love the image you gave while writing about being rooted in Christ. Love your quilt on your bed as well =)

Allison Sheets said...

Hi Sherry! It's your fellow Texas friend from FMF, Allison! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Loved your post on roots! And I also read about your new online store! how exciting!! I'll definitely be stopping by more often! Best of luck to you! :)

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Your bedroom quilt is beautiful!