Sunday, November 4, 2012

Simple Sunday and My Soul Sings

Yesterday was so consumed with Quilts and Shops and Daisy's post that I never posted my  Then Sings My Soul post. 

Then Sings My Soul is a Saturday tradition for me.  Lately I have been posting the favorite song from our previous Sunday. 

My Cowby and I are volunteer chaplains at a teenage boy prison unit.  Yes I go to church with a bunch of boys you probably don't want to meet on the street. 

And, I have to agree I probably woudn't either.  I don't think I would want to meet them in 'their' home environment.  But as I step back and I think about it everyday I am around them I realize more and more that it is that 'home environment' that molded them into what they are. 

Just like those of us that have raised our children and prayed that they would know Jesus, these kids have been raised and molded in a much different way. 

There isn't much difference.  Our kids could have chosen to rebel.  And I realize that many do but I think you'll agree with me even if they do rebel most are always welcomed back many more times than the probably deserve. 

But with 'my boys' that is not the case.  The stories are sadly very different.   We get normally about 11 months with these guys.  And during this time we spend as much time as possible sharing God with them. 

We pray for them. We pray with them.   And, I hope that you as my friend will pray for them too.  I hope that you'll pray for them because after all they are God's children.  And I hope you'll pray for them because I love them.  They are just like my kids.   Oh how I wish that like my own kids I could show you special pictures of them.  But because of the rules that we deal with we cannot show pictures of them nor can we share their names. 

But I can share stories; happy positive stories.  And I can share thier prayer requests. 

And so following the video you'll find a couple of prayer requests from them.  I hope that you'll join me this week and pray for them. 

When you see this video I think you'll be as amazed as I am that they would choose this video.  Their hearts seek God.  I pray that
my Cowboy and I and the other volunters always to do all we can to allow God to be a precense in all the activities we provide. 

A Few of Today's Prayer Requests . . .

  • Lord I want to ask you to forgirve me for telling people that my case manager doesn't help me when she really does.
  • Lord please forgive me for everything.  For all my sins Especially putting my through all this.
  • Pray that my brother turns his life to the Lord that my cousin gets her place by the end of the month.  I pray that the Lord will give me spiritual wisdom and insight.

Thank you for Joining me on this Journey and being a part of the ministry that God has called us to.  Thank you for praying for my kids. 

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