Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On My Heart Celebrating Friends

What's On Your Heart today?  Today I am thinking about friends and Celebrating
Friendship.  I came up with an idea actually I tweaked an idea that I wanted to share with you. 

Because Tuesday is all about sharing and encouraging I wanted to share with you an idea that might help you Celebrate Friendship and at the same time help someone have a Merry Christmas when otherwise they might not. 

The idea came from Heidi at Foxgoves,Fabric and Folly.  She just recently hosted a blog Christmas Swap.  I know you all now about these blog swaps. 

But my idea was to take it home and do a swap with my friends.  So I took Heidi's suggestions, and I  wrote an email to some friends.  I asked them to participate with me. I also asked them to share this with at least one more friend.   It's a bit like a chain letter which I've always been told are bad.  Where does that come from?  So if it is let's take 'the bad' of it and turn it to something good!

I am still getting emails.   I thought it was easiest just to show the email I sent. 

Dear Jacque,
I am celebrating family and friendships as I think of Thanksgiving and the Holiday season. And I miss you!

I am making an attempt this year to connect with new and old friends! I thought a fun way to connect was to Host a Christmas Swap. I would love to have you join me!

Here’s some details for the swap, I am asking each of you to put together a delightful box of goodies that include the following.....(which will be made for your assigned partner!)

A Holiday Recipe, Something Homemade( by you or someone else), Something New or Something Vintage, Something edible (a candy cane, chocolate kiss or those yummy Lindsor White Chocolates (pure Heaven) I wish I could be your partner cuz I know you'll come up with the best box w/o even shopping! LOL. And the most important part Your Favorite Bible Verse.

I really do need to come for a visit! I would love to see your house! It has been too long! And, I haven't seen you on FB much either. So I really do miss you.

Opp's back to the swap! Sorrry!

Please wrap your goodies as exquisite as possible! Be creative. But don’t worry about spending money for this. Dig in your closet or craft room. I know your visiting Pinterest so you have lots of ideas bursting in your head to try. Why not try one out! Now remember you’ll be mailing your box so keep that in mind postage is expensive. If you want you can hand deliver to your partners home and ‘drop off’. Or make a date for coffee and exchange gifts.

Here’s the fun part. I’ll collect all the names and put you with a new friend. You’ll meet someone new! You send a box and you’ll receive a box. So you’ll have two new friends by the time the swap is over! How fun is that!

And to make it even more fun please email this to one other friend. The more the merrier!

So here’s the scoop fill out the below info. And email me back by next Mon the 26th. I will connect all the friends and hopefully by Monday night I will email you back with your partner.

Now you don’t really have to wait for your partner in case your our shopping this week and see a great ornament or great new or vintage item for the box. I know your partner will love anything you find. I would!

 Information Sheet

Your Name:


Email Address:

Favorite Holiday Color(s)

Decorating Theme Traditional,Contemporary,Vintage,Primitive

Favorite Candle Scent

Do you like glitter or a natural look?

Favorite Holdiay Food


Share your favorite holiday event . . . Christmas Eve Service, or ice skating with your grandchild. (don’t stress over this one you can write as much or as little as one line or the whole story. If you want you can include pics)

Please email me back as soon as you can and let me know your IN. Like I said this is meant to be fun so don’t stress! Just join. And don’t forget you can share with a friend.

Thanks for being my friend!
I did each email personal.  The italics and bold words were especially for my friend Jacque.
The idea was to encourage each person and to encourage them to pass it on and encourage someone else.
The idea was to make a new friend and also encourage and cheer a few friends that are having a hard time over the holidays. 
The ideas for this are endless and I'll be sharing more of them in additional posts. 
I love the idea of taking this fun Blog World activity out into our 'Real World' and share Jesus. 
Do you like this idea?  Do you have an idea to Tweak it?  I would love to hear your ideas and your comments. 
Celebrating Friends on the Journey . . .
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