Saturday, September 25, 2021

Happy Homemaker in Texas


Welcome to Happy Homemaker.

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On the breakfast  plate  

Looking around the house 

Kind of chaos  at the moment.  Did a big grocery  store run to restock after power outage.  We don't have much storage  space. 

I am digging  into closet where I store Fall and Christmas.  

On Today's To Do List  

Finish putting  away groceries  and Finish  washing  dishes 

Go to Petco for flea treatment 

Home Depot for plants

Shrimp Festival  downtown 

Currently  reading   

On the TV this week  

Not much. Usually the Cowboy watches movies.  He is into Cowboy movies. 

We watched House Sitter with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin the other night.  It was good. 

The weather  outside is 

So Nice! It gets warm out in the sun but it is not sweltering any more. 

I think I am gonna  Love Island life!

On the menu this week  

Sunday Celebrating Shrimp Fest Coconut  Shrimp, Scalloped Potatoes and Cup of Gumbo 

Monday Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes,  Green Beans 

Tuesday Short Ribs, Fries, Pickles and Devil Eggs

Wednesday Tamales w/Chili Sauce, Spanish Rice and Borracho Beans

Thursday Faux Fajitas leftover Rice and Beans 

Friday Chick A la King, Cesar Salad 

For lunches this week . . . Tuna Casserole, Chicken  Salad, Grilled Cheese, Leftovers 

If I have a few minutes  to myself  sit on the porch and look at my gardening  books

One of my simple pleasures Going on a picnic.  I like getting  take out Pizza on Wednesday  and going to the beach. 

Something fun to share 

A blog link party.  Write  a post about Tea Parties or tea and link up.  Let's have a Tea Party.

Favorite  photo  from the camera  

We haven't  taken the dogs out much when  it was so hot.  I think Lola was telling  Daddy  Thank you for taking her to the beach!

Praying for 

Our daughter.  She has not spoken to me since mid May. 

I miss her.  

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Have to a wonderful week
Come back Friday for the weeks menu recap.  

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Luludou said...

Hope things mend with your daughter. Wish we had the beach near too. Great menu plan.