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Character Interview Meet Daisy Cover Dog-Swimming with the fishes by Marc Jedel


Guest Interview with Daisy, the protagonists’ dog in SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES

With last week’s events, chronicled in SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES, now safely in the past, I wanted to interview one of the characters to help you learn a little more about what happened. However, everyone is still extremely busy dealing with the aftermath so I could only secure an interview with Daisy, the border collie in the book. Jonas and Elizabeth Trout are her humans. Since she seems to know everything that’s going on, I thought she could bring us a unique perspective on what happened.

“Hi, there. You must be Daisy,” I said, bending over to pet the well-groomed border collie who had come over to greet me.

“Yes, yes, I am. I’m Daisy Trout.” She “spoke” quickly in an excited tone as she sniffed my hand and seemed to smile at me.

“Well, you’re a real cutie, aren’t you?”

“Why thank you. You smell very nice too. Is that oatmeal milk honey soap?” She took one more inhale to confirm.

I knelt down so I’d be on eye level with her. “So I wanted to interview you to learn more about Jonas and Elizabeth—”

“Oh,” she interrupted. “They’re my humans. They’re the best.” She wagged her tail enthusiastically.

“Can you tell me a little about—”

Daisy dashed away before I could finish my question but returned nearly as quickly. “I’m terribly sorry,” she said bashfully. “I thought they were going for a walk. But they’re not.” She sighed.

I nodded sympathetically at her sad expression. “It’s okay. I understand. So about Jonas and Elizabeth—”

“Oh, they’re the best,” Daisy interjected.

“That’s . . . that’s wonderful,” I said. “I understand you helped them out last week?”

Jiggling from side to side, she answered, “It was nothing. I’m just happy to help. I’m truly, truly happy. I really, really like it here.”

“Yes, Arkansas can be beautiful.”

“It smells interesting. But I liked the other places too.”

“What places?” I asked.

“All the other places.” She nodded as if to agree with herself. “Wherever Jonas and Elizabeth take me is great. They’re the best. Oh, excuse me.” She dashed off again.

She returned shortly. “So sorry. They’re too busy for a walk right now, but Jonas petted me!” She turned in a tight circle and wagged her tail vigorously, nearly knocking over a picture frame on the side table.

Catching her eye again, I said, “Getting back to our interview, how did you help their friends Vanessa and Olivia last week?”

“I like Olivia. She’s super nice. I got to sleep on the bed with her. Even Jonas and Elizabeth don’t let me sleep on their bed. And Olivia played with me a lot. I like her. She’s much nicer than those people in that shelter.”

“That’s right, you’re a rescue dog, aren’t you?”

“No, I haven’t rescued anybody.” Daisy shook her head.

“I mean Jonas and Elizabeth adopted you from a shelter that specializes in rescuing abused dogs,” I said.

“They’re the best. And Olivia too.” Daisy nodded firmly before growing solemn. “I don’t like to talk about before them. It wasn’t very good.” Then her mood brightened again. “Now everything is great.”

“Let’s just talk about last week then,” I suggested. “How did you help solve the case?”

“I don’t know. Things just happened.” Daisy appeared to shrug. “I just went for walks and looked around at everything. Same old same old for me. Oh! I went running a lot with Jonas. He likes to run. I do too. It’s super fun.”

Realizing that was probably all I’d get from her, I wrapped things up. “Well, thanks Daisy for sharing your thoughts with our readers today.”

“I’m very glad I could help,” she said. “Can I ask you a question, though?”

“Sure,” I said as I put away my pen and notebook.

“Could you take me for a walk?”

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