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Character Guest Post Meet Bonnie Balfour Main Character Burden Of Proof by Julie Ann Lindsey

 September 20 – My Journey Back the Journey Back – CHARACTER GUEST POST

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Bless Her Heart! I’m Bonnie Balfour, and this is my kitty companion, Clyde. This is our newly opened second-chance shop. Feel free to look around.

Clyde is cute, isn’t he? I made him a set of bowties to match or at least coordinate with most of my outfits. You can pet him, he doesn’t mind. But be careful, he’ll probably steal your bracelet, barrette or anything else you drop. He’s ornery like that. 

I adopted him, or rather, he adopted me a little while back, and he came with the name, Clyde, because he likes to collect things that aren’t his. A furry little outlaw of sorts. So, the name definitely fits. Together, we’re not a pair of criminals like the other Bonnie & Clyde most folks know about, but we are the sort of pair that sticks together through thick-or-thin, kind of friends. After opening this shop and baking all night to clear my head, we’re experiencing a lot of the thick-and-thin right now. Mostly, my much-thicker waistline and a significantly thinner bank balance. But that’s life, right?

You probably don’t know it, but I grew up here. I left for college and was gone almost twenty years. That’s probably why you don’t recognize me. You must’ve moved here while I was away. You might know my folks though, Bud and Blossom? They own Bud’s and Blossom’s Flower Farm? Yes! That’s them. They’re wonderful. I’ll let them know I saw you. Anyway, it’s great being home. There are plenty of rural, small towns in Georgia, but none quite like Bliss. Clyde and I are making a fresh new life for ourselves, busy turning castoff things into coveted treasures. Go on and try that silk blouse. You won’t want to take it off. I changed up the buttons and adjusted the collar, but that’s about all. It’s your color for sure.

Mama taught me to sew. And to see beauty in everything. Life on a flower farm taught me how to stretch a budget. It’s the reason I opened this little shop on the square. It’s crammed plum full of old things I made new again, and they’re on sale for a dime. Looks like a picture straight out of Shabby Chic Magazine, doesn’t it? I’ve got revamped ball gowns from the last century looking like they came off a modern-day runway, and incredibly detailed furniture pieces from fifty years ago, shining bright under a new coat of paint and fresh knockers. You know how much fresh paint and new knockers can spruce up a look. * stage wink * 

Anyway, it’s good to be home. And see there? That blouse is perfect. Want me to take it over to the counter for you? What’s that? No, Mrs. Abbott-Harrington was already dead when I found her. She’s was all but buried under that big pile of ball gowns. No, they were donations. Of course I didn’t kill her! Goodness! Doesn’t matter what the paper said. The paper’s wrong. Well, that homicide detective is on loan from up north somewhere and he’s just poking rocks. He doesn’t appear to know his hat from a hole in the ground. Pardon my French. That’s why Clyde and I are going to see if we can point Detective Grumpy in the right direction, which is away from me, if you know what I’m saying. If we get things wrapped up fast enough, maybe he’ll head back to wherever he came from, before he stirs up anymore nonsense. What’s that?

Oh, detective! I didn’t see you there. Pardon me while I just finish up with this customer. 

I’ve got to go tend to that. I’ll ring the blouse up when you’re ready. Holler if you need anything!

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