Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday To Do List

Good Morning. Welcome to the blog.   Today I thought it might be fun to talk about . . . 

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Do you make a daily or weekly To Do list? 

I write my a list on Saturday when I write my Happy Homemaker in Texas post. 

Here's my list for Saturday . . .

Finish putting away groceries and Finish washing dishes ✓

Go to Petco for flea treatment ✓

Home Depot for plants

Shrimp Festival downtown 

We missed the festival  the Cowboy  wasn't  feeling  like going out.  Maybe next time.  

Some days I get to check off everything on my list. 

Some days a few things roll over to the next list . . .

  Today's Do List 

Home Depot for Plants

Finish clean up from treating the house for fleas 

Write a Planning A Christmas  Tea Party post for this ...  

Make Clam Chowder for Dinner to go with Coconut  Shrimp 

Go to grocery  store 

The list...


Powdered Sugar

Avocados (if on sale)

French Fries 

Some days are super busy.  I thought retirement  was putting  my feet up and enjoying  a quiet peaceful day.

LOL days are quiet and peaceful  but super busy.  

I need a list keep  up with things. 

And a calendar to remember  the date! 

Well I better get to that list now! 

Thanks for stopping in and sharing your day with me. 

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