Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Little More About Me-A Few Of My Favorite Things

Horses and boots. I just love a comfy pair of boots.
Upper right are a pair of broke in sturdy boots.
In the center is my Cowboy no boots in this photo he had stopped by after work. This photo is probably 12 years old but I love it. The horse on the left is the same one in the bottom photo. We got him when he was 10. He was Cowboys horse for 3 years then our daughter inherited him. They are photo'd together on the bottom. We had him till he was 28.
The top boots I thought were fun. I would love to wear fun boots and skirts. Then bottom left are working boots. And lastly is a photo I found on the internet of a horse.
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 We were a ranchin' family.  I miss that life.  I am blessed to relive the days though through our kids. 

Both our son and daughter work in the horse industry.  My sweet DIL is a portrait photographer that is learning to take horse photo's.  
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Back in the day I enjoyed filling our home with Cowboy stuff.
Our decorating style has always been a bit eclectic.  But 
it's what makes us happy. 

Cowboys and Boots and Horses just a few of my simple 

So what things make you smile?

I'm linking with a few friends today.  
My list is on the parties page.

Happy Trails

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