Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thankful Thursday

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Joining Michelle to celebrate our thankfulness.  Today I am most thankful . . . 

For 7 years The Cowboy has been working 5-9 pm most days.  

He is a drivers education instructor.  A couple of years ago our state gave the drivers ed. schools the option to be licensed  to test.  His prior employer registered the school and so Cowboy became a 'tester' in addition to instructor.

This was a huge blessing to us.  I had already started cleaning houses and with this new/additional income 
we were able to move into the house where we now live. 

Last Oct. a week before we were to move The Cowboy 
got fired.  It was a trying, emotional and scary time. 
But we felt that God would provide and so we went ahead and moved.  

God did provide over the next few months. Sometimes we were depending on my daily income to get to the gas station. 

The Cowboy did get a job within just a few days but it took 3 weeks to get scheduled.  And he was working very few hours. 

It has been a long process.  But he is finally getting enough hours and they are daytime hours.  

No more 9:30 p.m. dinners.  

I am Thankful.  We are blessed for The Cowboys new 
job.  The school he works for now is very different.  

We know that God was behind his getting a new job. 
He never would have quit.  

We realize that in getting fired it opened the door for something much better.  

I am thankful.

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