Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Was The Wife Of A Hunter-Part 1-Tips on Tuesday

Yes before it was popular my house no my gameroom was filled with dead things . . . 
 and mine weren't the Faux ones.  Yes Bambi's daddy
graced our walls.  

At least one room that Cowboy was allowed to decorate in his style.   And actually he did a fairly decent job.  Now don't get me wrong he didn't have complete free rein.  Actually he was only allowed to hang a few trophies.  I mean hello... I think you'll agree men just don't have it in them to decorate completely alone . . . 

I mean seriously look at how they dress. And what is up with that chair? 

And I mean look at the conveniences they are willing to leave behind for a few hours of sheer happiness.  Seriously my Cowboy would get giddy when it was deer season.  

I never really begrudged him the whole experience.  Mainly because when he really got into hunting after we were married it didn't hinder any of my own activities.  

Givin' the Cowboy some credit he didn't hunt (after we were married) until we were in a position financially that we could afford it easily.  

So finances didn't enter into it.  He would leave and spend a few days in the woods and come back happy.  I would spend those few days . . .

. . .shopping and eating out or sewing.  

And he would come home on Sunday night all happy and giddy and stinky.  But the stinky didn't last long.  Let me warn you friends . . . showering isn't part of the hunting experience.  

But when they come home . . . 

                                           Found on Google Images (link didn't work)

You could leave this suggestion.
I really didn't realize it at the time.  And it really wasn't until he had to sell his trophies a few months ago that I really, really began to realize the significance in this small little sacrifice that I made.  

The sacrifice of allowing  him to go hunting.  Allowing him to decorate the game room.   And cooking his kill.  I know women that don't 'let' their men hunt. 

Little did I know at the time it spoke Love to him. 

You may be struggling with the idea of your man going off on a hunting trip.  If you 
'allow' him to go . . . 

  I promise you even if he doesn't show it he will feel loved.  

So if your man is planning on going off into the woods.  Take a few tips from the Wife of a Deer Hunter . . . 

Tip 1. . . Smile and kiss him goodbye
Tip 2. . . Make your own plans.  If there isn't a budget for a lot think of fun things you can do that don't take a lot of cash. 
Tip 3. . . Call and visit your mom.  She'll love it.
Tip 4. . . Paint the bedroom red! (I my defense everyone loved it.  It was a Ralph Lauren red)

and last but the most important tip
                                                            Cook his kill
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