Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rainy Day Fun & This & That

Good Morning Sweet Friends
I slept in this morning. 
 I imagined this was going on somewhere near me

Image result for kids playing in rainy
(insert chuckle)  I have no idea who these kids are but that boy sure does look like my grandson!
It has rained all night and all morning!
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In Texas we are grateful for all the early summer rains we get!
It changes quickly!

It's already been over 100 a few days.  It wipes me out.  As much 
as I was so looking forward to last week. (The Cowboy started day hours).  It was a long hard week.  The heat just wipes us out.
Our car a/c isn't working. 
But we have a car to drive to work so we are making it work!  

I was glad I had a few book review posts scheduled here during the week.  I missed posting.  I am sorry.  I even had a Happy Homemaker Monday post all ready but I had computer problems again and only got the reviews up! 

I am looking forward to July and some major changes here on the blog.  I hope you'll be patient with me.  And I hope you like the changes.  
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The main change will be very few book reviews here at 
My Journey Back.  I mentioned previously that I'll be posting 
Litfuse and Cross Focused Reviews.  What I didn't mention is there will be very few of them.  I will spotlight and feature the books and send you over to the book blog if your interested in reading the reviews.  

My goal is to make My Journey Back my journey to being a better homemaker,wife, mother and grandmother.  I think we as wives all have that same desire.  So we have a common interest.   
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I hope to see you visiting more in the next few months.  Especially since fall is coming and the holidays follow so quickly behind.  I love the holidays. 

You really won't see many changes.  I'm kind of set in my ways. 
I enjoy my Happy Homemaker Monday posts.  I like doing something home, kitchen or tip related on Tues.  Wed.  is the day I enjoy sharing a Wordless photo and asking you to make a caption. That is a super fun day.  If you haven't visited me on Wednesday I hope you'll stop it!  On Thursday I try to share what I am thankful for.  And on Friday I either share a Show and Tell Story or a Frugal Friday post.  

I hope that all my posts are fun, informative and entertaining and a blessing to you.  Your visits are a blessing to me.    Leave me a comment and let me know you've been by! 

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And one more change.  I hope and plan to visit more.

I hope your having a wonderful Saturday!  
It's a cozy rainy day perfect for . . . 

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