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Book Review-Dead Air & Double Dares-by Janis Thornton

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
Crystal Cropper, editor of the Elmwood Gazette, has added incentive in finding out who killed Horace Q. Ogilvie, owner of the local radio station and the most reviled man in town. Horace turns up dead minutes before he is supposed to broadcast his next malicious editorial, designed to destroy yet another Elmwood luminary. Fortunately for the police department, Horace’s list of future targets provides an abundant pool of suspects. Unfortunately for Crystal, her name is at the top!

And I thought
Expectantly waiting for book 3.  
This was a good cozy read.  It's a clean Who dun it for any audience.  No language, no bed room scenes, no graphic crimes. 

I loved the ending.  The tone is set for future installments.    

Although there were a large number of suspects. Almost the entire town it wasn't difficult to keep up with the characters or the plot.
Many twists and turns takes the reader along the trail as Crystal searches for clues to exonerate her friend Cliff and maybe even 

Crystal seems to have an act for putting herself into the investigation and literally making herself a suspect.  All to the 
chagrin of  'best' friend Verl who is the law enforcement investigating the murder.  I suspect 'Best' friend is a loose description of the relationship.  Although there isn't any romance in book 2 of the series I'm suspecting romance may be in the air. Either fresh and new or long buried.  

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the 'story'.  

If your a fan of good, clean mystery's you'll want to read 
Dead Air & Double  Dares.

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Coffee With A Character
Occasionally when I read a really good book I am drawn to the characters.  Such was the case with Dead Air & Double Dares

There were a couple of characters well 3 to be exact.  Since Gertie is Crystals fellow sleuth I suspect she appears in book 1 I'll wait to have chat with her.  
And, since Jordan is suspected to be a huge part of book 3 I'll wait to be introduced to her.  

That leaves me with Jillian. The fun and quirky new assistant Crystal hired for the summer.  I'd love to sit and chat with Jillian.  I am suspecting she'd want to chat over a fun coffee.  I'd be sure to ask Jillian if she aspires to be in the journalism business.  I'd probably ask her how she liked working with Crystal and having to change her appearance to be more suitable for the office.  And I'd probably congratulate her on her investigative/googling skills.  


The series

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