Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Filled With Words

Wednesdays the day I've been setting aside to write.  Most of my posts are about homemaking, cooking, book reviews, or photo's.

On Wednesday I've either been posting illustrated scripture . . .

Or writing a post about something I've been thinking about. 

The other day a topic that Lisa Jo suggested hit me close to home.   The topic was "Close".
I thought about what I would say if someone said.  Who are your close friends. 
It makes me sad to say but I don't have any close friends.  There are people I know at work.  But I wouldn't really consider them my friends.  They don't even have my phone number. 

I got to thinking about that word and what it means to me in respect to my blog.   I started My Journey Back at a time that I was
really lonely.  I've used this photo for my header and in my posts a lot.  It represents how I feel a lot. 

It's not what I want but it is what it is.  I don't have a closeness with
anyone.  No girlfriends to call up and meet for lunch. 

I hope when i reach their age, i have good friends still around to enjoy moments like these ;-)
That's why my blog is important to me.  Meeting people through my blog gives me a chance to find new friends. 

Hahaha, me on the scale. Zesipho with the advice.
Sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on. 

Sometimes I just need a sounding board.

Sometimes I need someone to ask 'How was your day.'
I've been thinking about this post and how to write it for awhile. 

How to share my heart without being whiney and at the same time express how I feel.  

                                 My blog is important to me.  .
The sweet friends that visit and leave a comment bright my day.

My visitors.  My followers.  You are my


                        Happy Trails
Vintage horse head ephemera

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Denise said...

You, precious lady, are also my close. I love you.