Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hear It On Sunday...Use It On Monday

The message was about the Proverbs 31 Woman.
A message to a group of  incarcerated boys 15-18.
A message encouraging them to pray about the woman that God has planned for them.
Most of them have already had a woman girl.  Most already have a child or children.
But, with Gods grace and forgiveness they can be a new person.
A new creation. 
Sweet words we heard almost 4 years ago from a young lady that
made the decision to follow Christ and give up her old life . . .
"I am a new version!"  With excitement she said these words.
She meant to say "I am a new virgin!"  Today I was reminded of these sweet words. 
As I sat and listened to the message I couldn't help but feel unworthy.  As My Cowboy talked about how good a wife I am. 
How God blessed him.    I am grateful for God's grace.  I am humbled.
And, I was reminded of this little joke I saw the other day.
Sometimes you just have to go on.
Sometimes all you can do it Trust in Jesus.
Sometimes you just hold the umbrella.
May your Trails be Happy
.two horses stand looking over white boards with vines growing from left, two dogs watch

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