Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Filled With Words-- Big Deal?

This post is a follow up to Sundays post.  To read it Click Here.
In case your limited on time . . . Sundays post was about the message from our Sunday service.  My Cowboy is the Chaplain/Pastor at a boys juvenile prison.

So on Sunday my Cowboy was sharing the message in our church service.  It was a message about God's plan concerning marriage. 

He got my attention . . .

He was sharing with the young men about finding a Godly wife.
Almost every week he includes personal stories the guys love to hear them. 

So this week he shared the first story . . .
Years ago. Many, many years ago when we were first married we
hung out with another couple (friends of mine from high school).
The guys were into hunting but we were all poor young newlyweds so the guys tended to go to the local grasslands.  An area of parks and woods where in certain areas you can hunt for free.   So as the story goes . . . the guys had been gone all afternoon and as usual it was after dark as they were heading back.  I was used to this so wasn't too worried.  I also knew that My Cowboy is a prankster so when he called and said to me "Honey.  Everythings ok but we're in jail we were driving a little too fast and we got pulled over.  They saw all the guns and now we're in jail.  I need you . . . "  He didn't finish the sentence.  I interrupted and said. "If your stupid enough to get thrown in jail then you deserve to be there."  And I hung up.  I kind a was a little worried but when he called right back I answered.  "I thought you only get one phone call in jail?"  He answered. "You hung up!  You actually hung up on me. "  It all was a big joke later.
The funny part and the part that he loves to tell about is when our friends husband called his wife she didn't respond the same way.
She got all worried and asked what she could do etc.  
. . . Of course Cowboy used the story to tell them about how you need a wife that would respond the way I did.  If you do something stupid to land in jail you don't need someone that will enable you.

A story like this gets their attention.  They could relate.     
I've heard Cowboy share this story before. 

But it was what he shared next that got my attention.  He shared a simple story about something I had cooked the other day.  This is how he shared it . . .
. . . I came home Saturday afternoon from work.  My back pockets were draggin'.  It had been a looooong day.  My wife had food waiting for me.  She had made a pizza.  Not the kind out of a box.
She made a homemade pizza.   And it cost $3.00.    That's a good wife.  She found  pizza crust and pepperoni at Dollar Tree for $1.00 each.  And she found shredded cheese marked down at the grocery store.  She is a good shopper.  That's the kind of wife you need.
She could have easily called and had a pizza delivered.  But instead I got a homemade pizza for $3.00!"

As I listened to the end of the story.  I was shocked that he felt like it was such a big deal that I had found such a deal.  I just thought I was being frugal.  I didn't realize until he put it into words how important it was. 

My Cowboy is not real affectionate.  It's rare that he'll initiate a hug.

It's rare that he says something nice to me or compliments me.

And even if it's an accident when he does it is "A Big Deal."

My Trails are Happy.  May you have . . .

                                       Happy Trails


Hannah said...

Sherry- what a good sermon. I'm afraid I'm more of a people pleaser therefore an enabler, it's good to get a word that I need to be tougher. My DH doesn't let me down in those departments though, he is great, we celebrated 46th anniversary last.

About the list of blogs on the side margin, a great PNW blogger, the Outlaw Gardener, put me on his blog list and I was grateful and inspired to have a list, you just go to Blogger/Layout in L column, click, Scroll down to Blog List on R side, click on Edit, then Add and paste in the url of the site without the part that is that particular post, Edit the part where you select what information you want there, then Save. There are all kinds of other things you can change about your blog there, complicated. I hope this helps. Hugs.

Denise said...

Praise God that your trails are happy, love you.