Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blue Monday--Scavenger Hunt

Today I am combining my Blue Monday post with Ashley's
Scavenger hunt. 
Featuring the ponies of Chincoteague Island with Ashley's prompts.

Finally . . .
Spectators await as the ponies finally cross from the island to the mainland.

Worn . . .

A wonderful book for every horse lover.  Originally published
in 1947 a worn copy.  Click Here for the history. 

Relax . . .

Rare . . .
I loved this one.  A 'rare' painting by a Chincoteague Pony.
For sale in the Etsy shop.  
And a photo of the artist . . .
More info. about the Painting Ponies
Delightful . . .
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                                                             Happy Trails

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