Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Minute Cleaning Chores

Since going to work fulltime my/our life style has change so much!

I have never punched a time card.  I even had to have a tutorial.

Before I went back to work.

I used to have a daily/weekly schedule I used for household chores and errands. 

Since we are now empty nesters things are a lot different; and since I am working.  Actually especially since I am working.

Keeping up with cleaning is can be a big challenge. 

It's  not rocket science but I figured out that if I just take a couple of minutes here n there I can keep the house hold chores from become a mountain. 

Here's my list of quick 5 minute or less chores . . .

Bleach Wipes...Do you know what you can do with a Bleach Wipe in just a couple of minutes!  Well actually that's another complete post! 
Onto the list . . .

Fold a load of clothes..Now I take the basket stand in front of the dresser and fold the socks etc. right into the drawer.Unload a dishwasher... If it's not unloaded before a meal I unload while I am cooking. Load a dishwasher..We try to put things in as we use them.  A sink load of dishes take a long time. Wipe down a sink and mirror. . .Wipe down every morning as I finish my makeup.
Scrub a potty . . .Yep it really takes no time. 
Clean the kitchen sink...If you put dishes and cutlery in as soon as your finished the sink is read to scrub anytime you have an extra minute or two.Water the plants...This may take longer if you have a lot of plants.  But you could just do one area at a time. Work out a system.Clean the stove top...It's amazing how little time it takes if you just do it regularly.  If I don't have a full dishwasher I add the drip pans to a load.   

My home is beginning to stay sparkly and clean and . . .


Do you have quick 5 minutes or under chore ideas? 
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Pamela said...

Awesome list. I'm headed into the empty nest, too. I really like folding the laundry into the drawers. Never thought of that! ~Pamela

JES said...

Thanks for sharing your quick clean up tips on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We could always use those :)