Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Kitchen Tips--A Little About Eggs (A New Series)

This is the post you've been waiting for; and didn't know it!

Yep I have the complete scoop on eggs.  From an Eggspert. 

Something I have never mentioned here because it wasn't revelant.
The Cowboys corporate job was selling eggs.  Yep.  He sold
trailer truckloads of eggs.  Which = 25,500 eggs!  That's a lot of eggs. 

When we owned our own business in one week he could sell about 5 loads a week.  Before that he worked for a supplier his minimum was 10 loads a day.Yep. That's a lot of eggs.  And, that is too much math for me!

Before selling eggs he sold chickens.  So I think that makes him pretty much an Eggspert.  Sorry.  I just had to say that again. 

So why this post? Now.  Because yesterday I saw this on Pinterest.
And I was amazed and wanted to check it out!

The thing is it didn't work.  At least not for me/us. The Cowboy(Eggspert) laughed at me. 

Here's the reason why it didn't work for me.  And the reason why this is the best tip ever. 

My egg was too fresh.  And the thing is I knew better.  I thought I had grabbed the oldest eggs from the fridge but I didn't. 

The tip is the older the egg the better they peel. Yes it is true. 
So if your planning on coloring eggs for Easter buy them a few weeks ahead of time! 
And this is something I learned this Easter from you know who. . .

I had bought some pre-colored eggs at the story on Monday after Easter. 

They were half price.  I figured we could eat them in a week or two.  This is what blew me away.  Those pre-colored eggs would last 6 months or longer!  Why?  They have a coating on the shell. 
Now I wasn't planning on keeping them for 6 months.  In fact they are already gone.  But I thought that was just amazing. 

I am interested to see if the spoon idea works.  I really think it will if you have an older egg. 

Another amazing thing I found out when I went back to find it on Pinterest is how many pins on cooking and peeling eggs are out there!  It was amazing.  

So our tip week is use your oldest eggs to boil. 
This post is the first installment from The Eggspert.  Next week
how to make perfect and super easy Deviled Eggs.

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Unknown said...

I found a way to boil fresh eggs that peel easily (on Pinterest, of course!), and it isn't to boil them at all. Steam them! Bring a pot of water to a boil, place eggs in a steamer basket over the boiling water for 20 minutes, plunge into cold water, roll the slightly cooled eggs on the countertop to crack the shells, peels slip right off! I've done this several times with eggs laid the day before and it works perfectly.

Kati said...

I've seen so many easy egg peeling ideas on pinterest and blogs and I'm never sure which to listen to and which to skip. We we peel eggs though, all those ideas slip my mind and I'm back to fighting with some.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Ohhhh great tips can you do how to get the perfect poached egg too, we're in need of lessons here!
Wren x

Ida said...

Always fun to learn something new even if it didn't work for you the first time. - The other day we had trouble getting the eggs to hard boil. They just wouldn't harden up, wonder what was up with that.

Ida said...

Always interesting to learn something new even if it didn't quite work out for you the first time. The other day we had trouble getting our hard boiled eggs to firm up. The yolks just wanted to stay runny even after several minutes. Wonder what was up with that.

JES said...

Hi Sherry, My mother grew up on an egg farm so I learned to keep my eggs out for a few days prior to refrigeration to make them peelable... Like you said, to peel a fresh egg is near impossible! We love angeled eggs so I am looking forward to your recipe :) Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. It was nice to hear from an "eggspert"... I just had to say it too! :)