Saturday, June 7, 2014

Not So Sweet Saturday

Interesting title huh?  Well my Saturday isn't so sweet today because last week I was on a 'Staycation'.

It was a true 'Staycation'.  I did nothing.  I slept late.  I cooked and ate and barely washed dishes.  Well that's what you do on a vacation isn't it?

So today I am playing catch up around the house. 

After walking the dog.  I came back got all dressed for chores . . .

 And began my day.  Oh I polished my heels first! 
My carpet really needed a good vacuum.  That chore done the whole place looked so much cleaner already.  Check Done!
Then I got the sheets in the washer.  I found this pic on Pinterest.
I was intrigued with the post.  You must go check it out! 
It posed an interesting question.  How often do you wash sheets?
Click here to read the post.
 Once the sheets were in the washer I tackled the sink.  Yep.  Mine did look a little  alot like this!  I need to read this post too but don't have time know.  Here's the link.  Can you check it out for me?

Before I move onto my next project I have to show you something cool I found.
I thought this was cool. Great idea. Here's where you can get it on line. 

I really need to get on with this cleaning project.  Next up I need to declutter my kitchen counter.  Living in a small space can be a major bummer if you are a foodie like me. 

I love cooking.  I love serving food.  I love dishes.  Did you see my post on the treasure I found last Saturday?  It was sure sweet. 
Read about it here

Opps sorry I tend to get off on rabbit trails.  I am just avoiding the
declutter part of my project.    I did find a great idea that I have to share with you.
 I was looking for a cluttered counter partly because I was too embarrassed to show mine. LOL.   And it's just a 'pain' getting the camera out and all that process.  

So I went to my 'go to' place Pinterest!

And found this amazing idea.  The very sweet Emily showed her counter.  (above pic) BTW Emily...I've seen much worse clutter!

Here's her amazing idea.
 I have one of these!  It is a really heavy metal secretary/desk
filing thingy!  I was planning on taking it to school to use to file artwork.  Duh...I never thought of painting it.  Thank you Emily!
Thank you Pinterest!  Here's Emily's after . . .
Isn't it great.  Look what a difference.  So cute.  Thanks Emily
for sharing your project.  I had so much fun visiting that I am going back over for more inspiration after I put the sheets in the dryer!
Check out the link and Emily's blog.  Click Here.

So that is my Not So Sweet Saturday that turned out really sweet after all finding this cool idea for clutter. 

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Hope your Saturday is Sweet or getting Sweeter

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TexWisGirl said...

that tiny colt is adorable!

i need to dust and wash stuff in my house, but my kitchen is not a foodie's kitchen. i could probably dust some of it, too. :)

Denise said...

Great job you little busy bee.

Poppy said...

Hi Sherry,

So nice to meet you! Lots of great tips here today; enjoyed reading the link about dish washing, but it didn't mention what that little contraption was in your photo for the cutlery. I figure it contains bristles where you would simply dunk the cutlery into it, and they would get scrubbed. Am I close?

Following you back!

Happy weekend!

P.S. Love your slippers!