Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Texas Cowboy Cookbook by Robb Walsh

I am a cookbook lover.  And a Cowboy lover.  Opp's  scratch that . . . too much info right?  How about I love anything relating to horses and ranchin'!  That's better. 

Found this cool book at the library . . .

If have a love for ranchin' and Texas you'll love this book. 
I have a lot of cookbooks and read a lot of Texas Cookbooks.  I have to say this one is my favorite. 

The photos are great.  And it isn't just a cookbook it has a lot to read. 

The cover describes it as A History of Recipes and Photo's
And it is.   There are lots of photo's of horses and Cowboys, Chuck Wagons and ranching.

So far I have tested two recipes the Cowboy Beans and the Charro Beans (Mexican Bean Soup). 

My new favorite Pinto Bean recipes!

The recipes are simple without a bunch of ingredients. 

A few of the Chapter Titles include:
West of the Pecos: Sourdough and SOB
Chuck Wagon Cook-Offs: Biscuits,Beans and Cobbler
Powder Puffs and Spurs: Cowgirls in the Kitchen
Urban Cowboys: Honky Tonks and Hamburgers
The New Cowboy Cuisine: Dr. Pepper Tenderloin (I'll be trying this one)

From the back cover:
Home on the Range
Bring the spirit of the Wild West to your home kitchen with this easy to follow guide to hearty
cowboy cooking. . . .
. . . Through over 100 authentic recipes and 100 archival photo's, the food lore of Texas cowboys ( and cowgirls) is brought vividly to life. 

This one is a must get.  I'll be buying a copy at Amazon for myself and ours sons Christmas present. 

                                          Happy Trails
Vintage horse photo.



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